Seniors excited about Winter Break Approaching


Lauren Brackin, reporter

With winter break coming soon, Lakeview seniors are feeling relieved and happy about the upcoming days off. Dealing with the tests, deadlines, college applications, due dates, and fees that come along with their last year of high school can be a lot to handle. Winter break marks the halfway point in the school year, and for most seniors, a sense of relief that it is finally here.

Senior Maddy Harvey states, “I’m excited for Christmas break and especially excited for the last half of senior year to begin.”

Winter Break means that the end of senior year is finally coming and they are all one step closer to walking across the graduation stage.

Senior Alicia Jackson states, “I’m excited for the holiday break. It gives us time as students to relax and evaluate how the previous semesters went and how can prepare for a new one.”

For many, the first half of the year can be very challenging figuring out how to balance new classes, fall sports, and even jobs. The second half can offer a chance to restart and work harder to get those grades.

Senior Ashleigh Bowker states, “I’m looking forward to a break and spending time with family and friends. I think we are all at that point where we need a break and I’m ready for the new year to have a fresh start.”

As seniors, finding the time to spend with family and friends outside of school can be a challenge. The break offers time where they don’t have to worry about anything being turned in or any studying, so they can focus on the present and be in the moment during the holidays.

Senior Lita Ramos states, “School can get really stressful for everyone and having a nice two weeks off to recuperate and get ourselves together again is great. It’s a New Year and it just shows how close we are to graduation.”

Overall, the seniors are extremely excited for break to start and to be able to forget about the tests and relax.