2020 Top Dog: Stephen Vlk


Alivia Oravec, reporter

Graduating in the class of 2020, Steven Vlk plans to attend Rosedale technical school to enter the diesel mechanic industry. 

Vlk does not plan on going far from home for his last step in his educational career. Rosedale is located in Pennsylvania. So he can stay close to his family and hometown. 


Vlk enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing video games. His favorite memories are all shared with his fellow seniors  


One his favorite memories is also a favorite memory of many of the other seniors it’s senior sunrise. He says, “I enjoyed being with all my friends and being able to make another important memory.”


Vlk also loves friday night lights like so many other students and enjoys watching the football team try their hardest every Friday night. 


He also holds a job at the Cortland Sparkle where he works very hard to save his money.