2020 Top Dog: Brandon Hatfield


Kylie Woods, reporter

Brandon Hatfield has been a student at Lakeview his whole high school career. While Hatfield is the first to admit that he is not one to participate in extra circular school activities, he is still extremely active in other areas of his life. Outside of school he spends his time working, hunting, and fishing. Hunting and fishing are what Hatfield spends the majority of his time doing.

Academically, Hatfield has been preparing himself for the real world since 10th grade when he decided what he was going to do with his life after high school. He would like to become a lineworker who mostly works on outdoor installations. Once he graduates he wants to immediately get his CDL then attend ALBAT, a training center in Ohio. After his training, he would like to get into a 3 to 5 year apprenticeship with a good company.

Hatfield has been a good, solid student and role model for all underclassmen over his years at Lakeview.

His advice for all the underclassmen is, “Do what’s best for you, not for others because you come first.”

It’s always sad to see our seniors go but Hatfield spent his high school years wisely and put himself in the best position to move on to great things with his upcoming life.