Senior Exec. Ponders 2020 Trip Destination


Isabella Kakiou, Editor

The school year is slowly coming to an end, which means the class of 2020 must finalize the destination for the annual senior trip by Friday, January 24th. The senior executive committee is taking in all suggestions from their classmates to make this an awesome trip for everyone! Some students have already shared some ideas of where and where not to go.

Senior Megan Cross  shared that she and other peers would rather stay away from going to PlayCLE this year because “PlayCLE is only fun for about the first hour or so. I think we can find something better.”

PlayCLE has been the destination of choice for the last three graduating classes, and reviews have been mixed.

Senior Bianca Naples exclaimed, “Cedar Point!!!” for her choice of location.

However, as disappointing as it is, Cedar Point will unfortunately not be opened in time for the 2020 senior trip. Expenses for a Cedar Point trip have also caused problems in the past for other classes, therefore Cedar Point will not be an available option.

Senior Kayla Beil said, “I think white water rafting or kayaking could be a fun idea.”

Kayaking or white water rafting fits the budget and could be a fun adventure.

Senior Demetrios Kakiou suggested, “If we could find a place with go-karting, etc. that would be cool.”

There are so many options and ideas to explore. If you have any opinions on where the trip should be that haven’t yet been mentioned please find one of our senior executive members and let them know before Friday!

Isabella Kakiou, Rocco Bruno, Morgan Jankovich, Ian Cunningham, Christian Cunningham, Abby Langmeyer, Madison Stredney, Maddy Clark, and Caitlyn Dales are all members of the executive committee that you can reach out to. You can also share ideas with senior executive adviser Dean Shanower.

Start thinking now! Let’s have a memorable senior trip, class of 2020!