Bulldogs Take on Second Round of Blood Drive


Kylie Woods, Reporter

On January 22nd, 2020 Lakeview participated in the annual blood drive a second time this year. Many students participated in this event to give blood to help others who need it. All students who give blood get a bonus of getting all 10 community service hours for this school year. Having this bonus really helps students involve themselves more in this event.

After speaking to junior Gage Caron about his experience he said, “The blood drive is a great way to make yourself feel good for helping others in need which to me is all that matters.”

Many students in our school feel the need to help others all the time. Our school helps promote helping others by providing us with multiple opportunities to help people in need. Everyone enjoys the perk of getting out of class, but the purpose of our blood drive is to solely provide for those in need.

Senior Isaac Russo said, “My experience didn’t go as planned, but I’m glad I was able to give something that will make a difference for others.”

We all hope that every year our school provides this event so more and more people participate to gain the experience of giving for others. The blood drive might just be people going and getting their blood drawn out of them, but it’s much more for the people who will receive the blood.