Boys Basketball has a Growing Year


Mara Crish, Photographer

The boy’s basketball team has reached the middle of their season with a record of 7-8. They are considered a young team this year with only having one senior, Noah Olejnik.

The team has a lot of young talent this year, with a junior varsity team consisting of mainly freshman.

According to starting junior Brendon Kilpatrick, “The season so far is a roller coaster. Ups and downs. As a young team, we have shown what it’s like to be young, lost some games we shouldn’t have, and made mental errors. We expect a lot in the future year.”

Another one of the athletes from the class of 2021 takes the court as a starter. His name is Ryan Carnahan. He also agrees that they have such a young team this year.

As the regular season closes out, tournament time closes in. The coaches look to use the lessons learned in the regular season to make a run in the tournament.

When asked about the goals for the upcoming post season, Bulldog assistant varsity coach Mark Novotny said, “Our goal going into the tournament is to get to Boardman. Once you get to the district level, anything can happen.”

Good luck to the Bulldogs on the rest of their season.