New School Year Brings New Spring Break Policy


Sydney Whipkey, Reporter

Lakeview Local Schools has decided that the students are deserving of an additional week off school during the upcoming 2020/2021 school year, in which the recently released schedule shows an extended winter break.

Assistant Principal Michael Detoro, explained that, “The purpose of the break is to de-stress after the 3rd nine weeks.”

The only downfall of the new addition is the state testing that will take place 2 weeks after the students return to school. The administration is looking to push it back one more week, if possible, to allow more preparation time.

The students are excited to be granted this extra time off school to recoup and relax.

Upcoming senior Alivia Oravec said, “I’m really excited to have two breaks because I will have more time to spend with my friends.”

Luciano Divieste, also an upcoming senior, said, “It will be nice to have an extra break from all of the school work and to be able to relax.”

The teachers are just as excited as the students to have more time off to spend outside of the school building with friends and family.

Lakeview hasn’t had an actual spring break for many years, and the administration is hoping that this will be a breath of fresh air for their Bulldogs.