2020 Top Dog: Jack Knight


Kylie Woods, Reporter

Senior Jack Knight started his academic career at Lakeview during his 7th-grade year. He came from West Middlesex, a school that is located in western Pennsylvania. Knight has not participated in any formal after school activities his whole high school career, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t participate in anything. He helps his father during most of his free time by working after school laying floors and that keeps him very busy outside of school.

Academically, Knight may not get the best grades or be the best student in school, but he does have a plan. After high school, he would like to attend a music school in Canton Ohio for a bachelor of science in music technology. Music is something he has been very passionate about since he began as a young boy playing piano, guitar, and drums, all of which he is very good at. He is very musically inclined and hopes his music can take him many places in his upcoming life.

Knight’s advice for all underclassmen is “To use your time wisely and to not fall behind because it is hard to catch back up.”

As one of the friendliest Bulldogs, he will be remembered by many students as well as the staff here at Lakeview. We are all sad to see him graduate soon, but wish him the best in this next chapter in his life.