2020 Senior Top Dog: Ashleigh Bowker


Isabella Kakiou, Editor

Senior Ashleigh Bowker joined the Lakeview family her sophomore year after switching from Howland School District. She is highly adored by her peers, teachers, and coaches. Bowker has been a key component to the women’s track and field team since the day she arrived at Lakeview. She scored in a total of 228 points just for last year’s 2019 season. She also has represented Lakeview in the State meet twice, and plans to make a third appearance for the 2020 season.

Bowker’s passion for track brought her a scholarship to Ashland University! She plans to study something related to the medical or psychology field; however she has not made up her mind for a final decision.

Bowker has her friends, family, and coaches to thank for all of their support and help throughout the years.

Bowker mentioned, “One of my biggest role models is Sydney McLaughlin.

Outside of track, Bowker enjoys being with friends, watching Netflix, and vacationing to the beach.

Bowker’s advice to underclassmen is “Never give up, even when you feel discouraged. Keep pushing through and moving forward… because you have to start somewhere… so why not now?”

Bowker’s high school career has taught her that hard work truly does pay off.

Everyone is thrilled to see what Ashleigh’s future holds!