Winter Wonders is Approaching


Alivia Oravec, reporter

“Night of a Thousand Lights” is the theme set for Lakeview’s annual Winter Wonders dance, which is sponsored by student council advised by science teacher Dana Dragash. Unlike some other dances, this dance is hosted for only Lakeview High School Students. This Saturday, February 22, 2020, the LHS cafeteria will be transformed to an entirely different world.

Tickets are currently being sold in the cafeteria during both lunches and are ten dollars per person.

Students will be happy to know that chemistry teacher Joshua Murphy will be the DJ for the dance.

Senior Sydney Whipkey’s opinion about DJ Murph is “he’s way better than anyone we’ve ever had and he actually listens to the students’ requests. He makes it super fun and enjoyable.”

I interviewed every grade level to ask what they thought of going to Winters Wonders.

Senior Sydney Whipkey said, “I’m excited about Winter Wonders because my last homecoming was so fun, and I’m hoping it will be round 2.”

Junior Alexandra Bell tells us the dance will be a fun night for all involved and will make everyone happy that is going.

Sophomores are a little behind getting their responses in, but I will update when I hear from one of them.

Freshman Alex Piacquadio said, “I think it’s going to be a lot smaller than homecoming, but I still think it’s going to be fun to go with my friends and get dressed up.”

As the week comes to a close everyone is doing last minute preparation for the dance, especially seniors preparing for their last cafeteria dance.