Class of 2020: Who Could Have Envisioned This?


Isabella Kakiou, Editor

The Coronavirus has certainly taken it’s toll on the end of year activities for the Senior Class of 2020. Many seniors have taken this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to try and raise the spirits of their classmates.

Lakeview senior Christian Cunningham has taken the time to run an instagram account named “lakeviewclassof2020” where he posts photos of individual seniors next to the college/trade school they will be attending and their major. Students can also submit the career they will be jumping into after graduation if they are not attending college.

Cunningham stated, “I saw so many seniors having difficulty during this time, so I thought it would be awesome to brighten the class’ spirit to make this page. When I made the first few posts, I realized a lot of seniors, parents, and underclassmen lightened up. It gave the viewers a sense of happiness to see their friends, family, or themselves and to see where they will be heading in just a few months.”

Even though the class of 2020 is making the best of what they have, many seniors still have concerns and miss going to school. Many students answered in a survey that they missed friends, interactive classes, spring sports, and their teachers the most.

Senior Madison Nigrin answered that she would miss “the last few exciting weeks leading up to graduation and prom” the most. 

Many seniors agree with Nigrin that these last months of senior year were supposed to be the best and most memorable. Luckily, as of right now events like graduation, the senior trip, and senior parade are still going to occur as scheduled, and prom has also been rescheduled to June 12th.

The 2020 graduates also pose concerns with the online schooling such as their athletic and academic futures.

Senior Kaileen Stevens wrote, “colleges are still unsure if campuses will be open for fall semester, and we will be entering a job market that has been completely wrecked as the economy struggles to keep up.”

Lakeview senior attending TCTC Emily Stone added, “I am a cadet in the EMT-Basic program, so this will inevitably affect my future paramedic career if I cannot get my hands-on practice, hospital observation time, and ride time in the ambulance completed.”

Senior Morgan Jankovich also wrote, “I feel we won’t have the closure of high school that we need. Everyone else got a perfect ending and it helped them move onto college without missing the times in high school.”

These are just a few of the concerns seniors expressed in response to a recent Bulldog Bulletin survey. Many more shared other negative outcomes that Covid-19 has created. However, the class of 2020 will not let this virus stop them from having the senior year they all deserve.

We hope to be reunited May 4th, 2020 to continue our vision. Let’s think positive thoughts, everyone!