Bulldogs Getting Physical During Quarantine


The Schnurrenbergers take a break with a family hike.

Sydney Whipkey, Reporter

With the Coronavirus rapidly spreading across the nation, Ohio Governer Mike DeWine made the decision to shut down schools and send everyone home to be self-quarantined. Although it’s left many feeling down, especially the senior class of 2020, Bulldogs now have many great opportunities to get outside and be active!

Just like typical Ohio weather, the temps have been all over the place, ranging from almost 70s and sunny to 30s and snowy within a two day span. However, students are encouraged to finish their school work at a decent time and get outside! Many people can be seen strolling the streets these past few weeks as a way to get out of the house. Walking and bike riding can be just the right amount of physical activity a person needs every day.

Some are saying that being out for a walk is dangerous and that too many people are doing it at a time. As long as you are outside, keeping that 6 feet of distance from people, and not stopping to talk, getting your physical exercise in for the day is what’s important. Not only is it important to stay healthy to keep your immune system up and running, but for your mental health as well! Being locked away inside can make a person go crazy, which is why it is so important to get outside when you can, especially during this time.

Bulldogs found a variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Senior Madison Stredney’s softball season ended before it even started, but she says, “I’m still holding hope that maybe we’ll get part of the season back, so I’ve been staying in shape by doing at home workouts and running. It’s also a good distraction from all of this and a way to get out of the house.”

Other softball players continue to get outside to stay in shape.

Sophomore Raegan Schick says, “Over the course of this break, I’ve been motivated to stay moving and active. Things like hitting off the tee or doing pitching workouts in my front yard help me to stay in shape for the softball season. “

Junior Olivia Kelm added, “I have been working out a few times a week” and to get outside she has been, “playing catch and doing some tee work.”

Sophomore Jaylynn Pinto reports that she has been “lifting and running” outside in the fresh air.

Sophomore Mariah Tackett has also been exercising, and to get outside she has been, “hitting off the tee, throwing, and fielding.”

But not everyone needs to be preparing for a delayed start to spring sports to have an excuse to get outside.

In addition to finding plenty of indoor activities to busy herself, Freshman Aylah Purdum says, “I also have been riding my bike.

According to the survey, bike riding has become a popular activity lately. Freshman Zachary Haley says, “I can go in the woods or ride my bike on trails.” 

Bike riding doesn’t even need to be a choice. Senior Lita Ramos complained, “I was forced on a bike ride with my family.”

But exerting energy isn’t always necessary to enjoy the great outdoors. Senior Madison Nigrin simply enjoys, “watching the sunset at the lake every time it’s nice out.

Our closest large body of water is a popular outdoor spot any time the weather warms up. Many like Senior Morgan Jankovich enjoy “taking walks at the lake.”

It’s not just the students who need to take a break and get outside. Guidance Counselor Caitlin Schnurrenberger, who has three young children, said, “To maintain our sanity and normalcy, we try to get out of the house daily. We also live in the woods, so we try to take a hike daily.”

Unfortunately, social distancing means that we can’t spend time even outdoors with our friends close by, but this quarantine time is a great chance to share some quality time with your most loyal family members – you pets! Sophomore Haley Turner says she has had a great time, “Playing with my dogs outside in my yard.”

Warmer weather during this time of distance learning allows students to do something we always beg our teachers for and that is to hold class outside. It didn’t take Junior Aja Stewart long to figure out that perk, “I’m able to go outside and get fresh air while doing my schoolwork.

Expand your horizons, literally, Bulldogs, by getting outside and breathing in some fresh air.