The Bulldog Band Practices Over Zoom


Emily Roper and Daniel Franko

This year, Lakeview Band Director Nathan Sensabaugh has really stepped up his game! The Lakeview High School Band is so loud it practically sounds like it is in your living room! Wait… that’s because it is! This year at LHS, due to Covid-19, band students are unable to resume in-class learning, but that hasn’t stopped them! Students are able to log into Zoom on their off days and attend their band class.

This new class situation has received mixed reviews. 

Senior Caitlin Kachurik is still processing it all. She said, “We do our band classes over zoom and it is quite the experience. It is definitely different and I never thought it would be the way it is, but I truly appreciate all the effort Mr. Sensabaugh is putting in to give us the best experience possible even with the given circumstances.”

Holding certain courses completely online has become a necessity as Lakeview works hard to implement social distancing. As Senior Allie Mark explains, Yes, we do band class over zoom because it doesn’t fit in the school day yellow schedule.”

Practicing while literally in different homes has not been easy. Mark adds, “Honestly, it’s really hard. We can’t play together as a band, or practice our music. We all have to stay on mute, and most of the time with our video off because it will cut out if too many people are going at once.

Band is not a required course for seniors, so those who participate are really dedicated to their music and to performing. Mark reflected on the difference between past marching band seasons and this one, “I really love marching band season and I miss going to class to play fun music and crash my cymbals with Grace, back in percussion.”

While the scheduled “class time” is online, Sensaubaugh is getting the band out on the field as much as he can. Mark added, “It’s sad being at home, obviously, but we are making the best of it. I’m just really glad we’re getting some sort of season.” 

Although it isn’t ideal, most band students agree that they are still grateful for being able to play their instruments, despite the circumstances.

The Lakeview Highschool Marching Bulldogs have been a model group in practicing social distancing, allowing them to practice for this year’s season. Watching and listening to them in action on the field is still the most thrilling musical experience in all of Cortland!