Carnahan Scores in Return to Soccer

(3 Goals in First Game)


Daniel Boyle, Reporter

Senior night was a very special night for one player making his comeback to soccer. Senior Ryan Carnahan was able to return to soccer after a six year absence. He put on a great game to start out his season. Carnahan was able to score 3 goals in the win over Niles on August 29, 2020, helping the Lakeview boys capture the win over Niles to add momentum to their 2020 season.

Playing a great game is a high point for any player; playing a great game after being away from the game for so long is an absolute bonus. 

 “I couldn’t be happier to be playing again,” Carnahan laughed from a safe 6-foot distance, “and to have such a good first game back – it feels great!”

Returning to a sport after so long an absence is rare in high school sports, but Carnahan returned with the company of a good friend and former teammate, senior Brendon Kilpatrick. 

Carnahan said when he heard Kilpatrick was returning to soccer for his senior season, he said, “Why not?” Why not play one more season and make some good memories. 

Little did he know that the memories would be great and right from the start. 

The Lakeview boys soccer coaching staff and other players are obviously very pleased and thankful that Carnahan is back sharing his skills for what looks to be a promising Fall 2020 season. 

Another senior player defender Hunter Miller was able to add to the conversation of Ryan’s comeback to soccer, After losing one of our key players (Dylan Sarko) last year it’s good to see someone who is familiar with the sport.”

The soccer boys have a total 15 games scheduled for this season and picking up the win on Aug 29th started them off with a 1-0 record. Due to the COVID pandemic, crowds were limited and there was noticeably no student section to cheer on the boys. Even though the boys did not have personal cheerleaders for them, they still managed to get the job done and pick up the win. Carnahan’s phenomenal game capped a great senior night even with the limited fans because the fans that were there had smiles on their faces underneath the ever-present masks.