When the Music Stops, the Bulldogs Dance On

Lakeview 2020 Homecoming Court

Alexandra Bell, Reporter

Fall usually creates a sense of excitement in the air as students prepare for the annual homecoming dance. The stressful tasks of scheduling hair appointments, finding the perfect dress or suit, and taking pictures with friends were essentials in getting ready for the one night that Lakeview’s cafeteria is converted into a dance floor for all to enjoy. However, the year 2020 has decided to take away many traditions, including this beloved dance. As there is great disappointment and frustration with the cancellation of the dance, people feel conflicted between letting go of their expectations for this year and embracing change.

In response to a recent survey, 69.7% of Lakeview students said yes, they would attend if the homecoming dance were happening and another 27.3% said maybe.

A few of these students weighed in on what they’ll miss the most from this iconic event.

Senior Ryan Carnahan claimed not having a homecoming to look forward to impacted his senior year. “Not having this dance kinda takes away from the ‘last one’ experience we were supposed to have.” When asked about what he would miss the most from his past Lakeview dances, he stated “I’m going to definitely miss having a good time with my friends.

Homecoming court Queen candidate Mara Crish had a more positive outlook on recent changes. She clarified how “excited I was to be on homecoming court because I was able to walk on the field and be a part of something fun.” That isn’t to say she hasn’t reminisced on past memories from when dancing close to your friends was allowed. Crish states she loved “getting dressed up and taking pictures,” but also “won’t miss how dirty my feet got [from the floor] hahaha.”

Crish, always one to love a good party and celebrate with friends, admitted that even if there was a dance it wouldn’t feel the same due to COVID. “We would have been spaced out and not been able to dance together.” Perhaps the saddest part for her and many other seniors is “[not being able] to do the senior song circle.

Another Queen Candidate, Sydney Dobler, shared her insight on why homecoming is important to Lakeview students, especially the student council. “[The biggest thing I’ll miss] is setting up homecoming. I always had so much fun with everyone…especially the days we would skip class to decorate the cafeteria.” Recognizing the fact that making experiences like these will not come again, Dobler considers getting on homecoming court itself to be more memorable than ever. “I realized I can’t take anything for granted anymore, so I made sure to savor the moment.

While seniors at least have three other years of dancing and fun photos to look back on, freshmen may not be able to get this experience at all.

Saige Muresan described what it’s like to not have any idea of what a real homecoming is supposed to be like. “I feel like I’m missing out!” Muresan claimed that freshmen year “is supposed to be about fun and celebrating [highschool].” The biggest letdown for her was “knowing that was one of the really exciting reasons to go to high school…for the dances.

Even though there won’t be any music blaring down the hallways as a collective group of teens dance with their closest friends in outfits they’ll remember forever from pictures taken hours before, Lakeview has managed to get past the sadness of this heartbreaking notion.

At the end of the day, a Queen and King were still crowned, (congratulations to Caitlin Kachurick and Aj Harper!), and the final home football game was still played. Perhaps this time will serve as a reflection for those who went to homecoming years prior, where we can remember the feeling of the first time we stepped into our own school on a Saturday night, expecting the night to last forever…..

A few of the 2020 Homecoming Queen Candidates prior to the ceremony.