2021 Top Dog: Emily Roper


Marianna Franco, reporter

Senior Emily Roper has been a Bulldog her whole life. Roper is known for her funny, caring, and very outgoing personality. She has alway been a hard-working student at Lakeview High School; with the end of her senior year approaching fast, Roper couldn’t be more excited to see what the next chapter of her life challenges her with. 

The class of 2021 is dealing with different and frustrating challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus has taken away many memories from the class of 2021 that they won’t get back; as Roper expresses, “it’s very unfortunate about not only mine but someone’s senior year this year… I appreciate the precautions being taken to keep everyone safe, but it definitely is a downer. Not being able to spend my senior year with all of my friends is a big challenge. You wait your whole life for this moment and slowly it’s being pulled apart piece by piece from you. I really hope the class of 2022 gets to enjoy their senior year and has it a little better than us.”

Roper has been a part of Lakeview’s Ski Club for 3 years; she said, “I never understood the hype around sports and how everything feels whenever they are talking about their volleyball game or football game, but the ski club gave me that feeling!” Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, the ski club has been cancelled this year. 

Outside of school Roper normally enjoys spending time at the barn with her horse, Digger, and hanging out with friends. She has been riding horses her whole life and she hopes to continue doing so until the end. Her friend group is filled with amazing people who always have fun hanging out together. It’s never a dull moment she says.

Roper is not only busy with school, but with her job at the Cortland Starbucks, where she has been working for a year and a half now. She explained, “I love it there, it’s like a little retreat I can go to every once in a while and be with all my friends; it couldn’t get any better!” Working at Starbucks, Roper is given many benefits and is very thankful for them all, but the most important one is their college achievement plan; where Starbucks pays for your tuition completely if you choose to attend ASU. 

Therefore, after graduating, Roper plans on going to Arizona State University for her bachelor’s degree, majoring in biology or forensic science. She then plans on coming back home to go to Toledo University for about 1-2 years for her masters degree. Following this, Roper will begin her medical school journey, in hope of receiving either her DO or MD at Toledo Medical; this journey will help her start a fellowship with a forensic pathologist. 

Roper will be missed by many classmates as she beings the next chapter of her life and education. Lakeview High School couldn’t be more proud of her and what she will accomplish in the near future.