Online Learning Drags On


Michael Horn, Reporter

As Covid continues to be a factor in schools around the world, students are forced to learn at least some of their lessons online. Although this type of does have some benefits, the actual learning process has become a struggle. Lakeview students report that difficulty in focusing on school work while at home is significantly more difficult than when at school, therefore making learning much harder.

While currently on the Yellow Schedule, Lakeview students are only able to go to class 2 days a week, which makes trying to talk to a teacher and get extra help very hard. The limited time in class also makes it challenging to fully engage in what is happening in school. These obstacles are making school even more challenging for students already taking challenging courses.

Not only the academic aspect but the social aspect as well has taken a big hit. Students attenending only two days a week for 5 periods are interacting socially with significantly fewer people and end up not getting to ever see most of their friends.

Junior Evan Davies said, “Friends are probably the best part of high school,” and to take this away makes students less motivated and less wanting to go to school.

Additionally, many of the school functions that students look forward too have been cancelled or postponed because of Covid. This has caused students to be less motivated and less wanting to come to school.

Junior Jake Wilms said, “Most of the thing I like about school have been shut down.”

It is very unfortunate that the school has been put in this position by Covid because online learning has taken a toll on the minds of students.

Everyone, do your part to stop the spread so we can get back to school, not just to increase our learning potential but also to interact with our friends and classmates.