Teachers Overwhelming Students With Work

Teachers Overwhelming Students With Work

Evan Pirtz and Hunter Miller

As technology becomes increasingly more important to schools across the country, online learning has become more vital to the way students learn. Many students struggle with online learning because it is hard to focus at home from many distractions. A countless number of students find it hard to find time to fit in all the homework teachers give them throughout the days we are in class.

That is the problem many students suffer from at Lakeview High School. Many students believe that teachers give too much online homework.

From a safe 6 feet we interviewed a couple of students and asked if they think teachers are expecting too much for students based on our current school situation. 

Senior Javonte Redd said, “Online homework adds up fast. I feel like most teachers don’t think about all the other assignments others teachers give us.” 

Senior Christine Innocenzi firmly stated, “In some classes yes they are, they put out so many different assignments and expect us to finish them but also learn as well, it’s overwhelming trying to finish everything and comprehend it on our own while only being there for two days.

Not only our fellow seniors have trouble with so much online work, but it is also a problem in other grade levels as well. 

Sophomore Abbie Sprockett had a comment about having too much online work as well: “Yes, I agree that teachers are expecting too much for students. When I am in class most of my teachers only tell us what we have to do online and expect us to do five days of work at home by ourselves. It’s too much.

As we are in a very different year we believe we should be doing a different amount of work. With going to school for only two days a week students cannot keep up with the five days worth of work a lot of teachers are putting out. Some teachers are treating this year as just another year in the book for them. Overall, most teachers are giving us students too much work and expecting too high a level of output from us.