Bulldogs Adapting to Online School


Daniel Boyle, Reporter

During this pandemic, students around the world have had to adapt to online schooling. This crazy year has affected many things, whether it being school or sports, and Lakeview students have had to adapt to the new remote learning. As the second nine weeks went on the covid cases have risen and many students were waiting for a full remote shutdown. They were right. After being online for roughly two weeks I was able to ask some students how they felt about online schooling.

Sydney Poptic, a sophomore, responded, “Online schooling makes learning a lot harder to learn things but I also like it because you get to do school at home.

Then Hunter Miller, a senior, responded, “I have no motivation to do school work and I’m really ready to go back to school and continue in person class.”

Another question I was able to ask them was if they think they could do online schooling all year or would rather go back after the governor allows it.

Poptic answered with, “I have mixed feelings about it because I like learning at my house and feeling safe, but I like learning better and focus while in school.

Then Miller said he wanted to go back in the spring so he could see his friends for a little bit before graduation and everyone goes different ways.