2021 Top Dog: Alexa Dorma


Marianna Franco, reporter

Senior Alexa Dorma has been a Bulldog her whole life. Dorma is known for her humorous, outgoing, and careful personality. At Lakeview High School Dorma has accomplished so much while being such a hard working student; as her senior year comes to a close, she could not be more excited to see what the next chapter of her life has in store for her.

The Class of 2021 is going to be one to remember, as this class is missing out on so many memories due the Covid-19 pandemic. Dorma expresses how she feels about her senior year being taken over, “It is sad that we are missing out on the socializing aspect of our senior year. We aren’t able to do the normal things like going to the student sections to support our teams, and getting ready and going to our last school dances. I hope everything will get better in the spring, so that way we are able to go to our first prom and graduation.” 

Throughout high school, Dorma has been a part of multiple clubs. She has been on Lakeview’s soccer team for all four years of high school and was a part of the track team during her freshman and sophomore years. Although Dorma was and still is busy with school and practices, she was still able to be a part of the executive committee, French club, English Festival, STAND and was also selected to be a member of National Honors Society. Outside of school Dorma normally enjoys spending time working. She has worked at Regal Cinema and has also been busy working this past summer at a local fruit stand.

As graduation approaches, Dorma plans on continuing her education at Youngstown State University; she is not one-hundred percent positive of what she wants her major to be;  but as of now Dorma is planning on majoring in business. 

After asking Dorma what she would like to remind her own class and underclassmen, she responded with, “Try to make the best of the times you have in school because you never know when it can be cut short.”  

Dorma is going to be missed by many of her fellow classmates as she begins the next chapter of her life and education. Lakeview High School cannot wait to see what Dorma will accomplish in her future and could not be more proud of her.