How Covid Stole Christmas


Michael Horn, reporters

The year has been an interesting one. People have had to think of new alternatives to everyday activities all year long. It is now the holiday season and friends and family are trying to think of new holiday activities that are safe.

With Thanksgiving complete people many people are now focusing on Christmas and how they can safely enjoy this holiday. Many common activities like big parties, get togethers, and being close together are postponed. This has caused people to come up with new and creative alternatives.

In-house activities such as cards, board games, or movies are among the most popular.

Jake Wilms, Lakeview Junior, said “Monopoly and Scrabble have become a common activity in our house”.

It has been difficult to not participate in the common festivities of the holidays, but people are making the best of their situation. One positive from the situation we are dealing with is the quality time spent with family. People are staying at home which allows them to get closer to family and spend time with them.

Friends are also not able to see each other as much so they have utilized technology to keep in touch. Many teenage boys play video games with each other to enjoy each others company and have a good time.

Landon Maderitz, Lakeview Junior, said “Playing videogames with my friends is a great time. We play all the time”.

Friends also facetime, imessage, and chat whenever they can. This is not that same as face to face interaction but it will due for now.

It is also important to get out of the house safely. It is enjoyable to go for a drive and gaze at beautiful christmas lights or listen to some music. We all are trying to get through these tough times but we can do it. Happy Holiday’s and stay safe.