Why Lakeview High School should NOT be online for five days a week!


Evan Pirtz, Reporter

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading more and more everyday some schools have had to go to extreme measure. Lakeview High school has decided to have all of their classes online. Currently the classes we have set are mixed up between four different days, having more classes on one day than the other. With cases still rising of coronavirus Lakeview High School sent out a letter stating that if we are still going to have to be all online we will be following our green schedule, which is just like a normal school week, but online. Students will be sitting at home in an unmotivated environment in front of their computers from 8am to 2:30pm five days a week. This is a poor idea for the students stand point of view, teachers, and even the legal guardians of the students.

We have been set on a yellow schedule having each class online for two days a week and having a tutoring day on friday to help students stay caught with all of their work that teachers are putting out since the beginning of the school year.

Why does Lakeview High School think we need to change the routine we already have set?

There are many reasons about why going to online class five days a week is a poor idea for students, teachers, and legal guardians of the students attending Lakeview.

One major thing that will change if we go five days a week online is the students and legal guardians routine. We have had a set schedule for schooling since the beginning of the year, so everybody has set their daily life around school. There are a lot of students that have to deal with school and work.

Sophomore Abbie Sprockett said “This will mess up everyone routine we already have set. What we have working right now is going well, why do we need to change something that doesn’t need fixed?”

Changing the time for school everyday will cause a lot of problems on the work side of things for students. A lot of students also depend of their paycheck to help them get through the weeks and having school for many more hours through the week can really effect a lot of students jobs. If this schedule does change I personally will have to change my work hours and will be working a lot less. The routine change won’t be just for students to work through it will be for parents as well.

Here are some opinions on the subject other than my own.

Senior Mckenzie Bender states, “Doing zoom calls five days a week won’t improve our educations, the only thing that would is through in class learning. Doing these few days a week is already hard to manage, five days a week is going to be even worse.”

Sophomore Lola English said, “It is a very bad idea to go five days a week online. Changing how much we go to school won’t help how much we learn. We are sitting at home in an unmotivated environment which is very difficult to to focused and learn in, unlike if we were at school. Having classes two days a week is hard enough to manage, I can imagine five.”

I have a friend that has been going to school five days a week online in another school district and they are struggling. during the summer they had a job that they thought they would be able to keep for the school year, but even after the second week they had to stop working and focus only on school.  I do not talk to this person very much at all anymore based on the fact that they are always super stressed out on having class online five days a week.

Overall changing something we do not have a problem with is a poor idea. This will only cause a lot more problems we don’t have to have.