2021 Yearbook Flips Its Looks


Senior yearbook staff members Mara Crish and Marianna Franco show off the 1994 Epic – the inspiration for the 2021 Epic

Nate Fox, Reporter

As we all know, this school year has been something none of us expected or wanted. But, we have made the most out of it and for the most part, accepted the differences and adjusted accordingly.

This definitely applies to the school publications class. As they’ve switched up the main point of their class, the yearbook. With this year being so different, they figured it would be a good idea to make the yearbook stand out as well. 

The main change to the yearbook is that it will be changed to a sideways format. This symbolizes the idea that this school year is much different than those in the past. All the images will be turned sideways leading to having to flip the book while looking through it. There will also be other small changes and a pretty interesting cover.

Returning yearbook students chose the style after looking through the 1994 Lakeview Epic

Yearbook editor, senior Mara Crish, said, “I looked through several yearbooks last year and kept going back to the ’94 yearbook. It really stood out first of all because it is the only sideways yearbook, but also because there are so many pictures, captions, and creative layouts. Every time I looked through that book last year I thought – This is what I want my senior year to be like.”

Fellow publications students have positive feelings about the new change to the yearbook.

Junior Colin Oaks states, “I feel like it’s only right to change up the look of the yearbook considering the crazy year we’ve had.”

Also, Junior Michael Horn says, “I’m glad we made changes to the yearbook this year. I’m excited to see how it turns out and I am excited about the production process as well.”

It’s no secret that this year is something we’ll never forget, so why not make a yearbook we’ll never forget as well.

Lakeview students can order their very own copy by going online to jostens.com  and following through the prompts. Since the Lakeview yearbook gets delivered in late August, seniors are encouraged to choose the option to have their yearbook mailed directly to them.