2021 Top Dog: Daniel Boyle


Hunter Miller, Reporter

Senior Daniel Boyle has been at Lakeview his entire life. Boyle has been a very bright student in his 4 years of high school.

Boyle participated in Lakeview basketball from 7th grade- 10th grade. He then dropped basketball for ski club in the 11th grade. Boyle was anticipating doing ski club his senior year until Covid-19 ruined his plans.

When Boyle isn’t accelerating in his classes, playing basketball, or taking on the slopes he is usually working on race cars. Boyle is currently working on a dirt late model and enjoys hanging out with his friends and detailing cars in his free time.

I asked Boyle if he has been managing this weird school year well, he said “I’m just ready to graduate, I’m excited to get my life started and to start making money.”

After graduation Boyle is relying on his hard work and determination and getting a job at the Ohio Department of Transportation as a highway tech. He then plans on saving up enough money to go back to school for a Civil Engineering Degree.

We wish Boyle the best of luck in his future endeavors.