2021 Top Dog: Christine Innocenzi


Mara Crish, Photographer

Senior spotlight has called the Innocenzi name. Senior Christine Innocenzi has attended Lakeview ever since first grade. Throughout her years at Lakeview she has been in a few activities including: Basketball, Tennis, and Executive Committee. 

Innocenzi has a great love for the sports she plays and that really shows her coaches when she was the captain for both sports. Innocenzi started for varsity when she was just a small freshman. Her love for basketball actually started when she was in first grade. Ever since then she hasn’t stopped playing.

From putting in the effort during practice to putting it in after hours helping the little kids and running the tournaments for them really shows her love for being around the basketball environment.

Innocenzi talked about her favorite season, “My favorite season was my senior year because I was able to play with all of my besties: Mara Crish, Allison Augustine, and Melanie Wolff. Being on the court with them was never boring, I was always crackin’ jokes with them. My favorite memory throughout my four years of playing basketball was going to Huggins.”

Huggins was a basketball camp Innocenzi attended during her freshman and sophomore year. 

Innocenzi elaborates on why this camp got her in great shape, “There was nothing better than playing ten games in the heat starting at eight in the morning and finishing at ten at night and getting to walk up that hill at the end of the day to our cells.” 

Innocenzi’s love for tennis started a tad later than basketball. When Innocezi was a junior some of her friends that played the sport were chirping in her ear to play. They said that she will love it and have so much fun.

According to Innocenzi they were right, “I enjoyed shmackin’ tennis balls around with my partner, Anner. I really enjoyed playing in the sprinklers at Austintown.” 

Innocenzi was quite good at “over heads hits” she said she would “slam it down people’s throats. I would make people cry”. 

Innocenzi has a lot of her life planned out already. She plans on attending Harvard University to become a cardio thoracic surgeon. If that were to not work out she will be attending YSU to receive her associates degree to become a preschool teacher. Innocenzi hopes to come back and coach basketball at Lakeview as well.

Innocenzi continues to keep everyone on their toes with what she has next up in life. She has a very bright future ahead of her and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes. With that being said, goodluck with all that you do “Byeeeee Lakeview highhhhhh”. #Bestie