Race to Candy Castle Comes to a Delicious Close


Abbey Leonard, editor

As the Bulldogs begin to wind down the first half of the last semester of the school year certain traditions have made their annual appearance. As the upperclassmen begin to prepare for prom and the seniors for their graduation the class of 2021 begins the countdown of their fleeting days at Lakeview High.

The end though it may be near, is not yet here. The Entrepreneurship class had one tradition up their sleeve, their annual food drive.

Though I’m sure they could do it the easy way and just collect food and the class with the most food brought in wins, why would we do that when it can be a race?

In a year that has been full of letdowns and lost jobs, the community has struggled more than ever. This year the food drive had to be the best one yet. So, the class got to work and after weeks of planning, painting, decorating, and advertising, it was finally time for the race to begin.

Junior Mackenzie Morrison joined senior Abbey Leonard in the planning and executing the food drive.

Morrison said when asked about the hard work said, “Though this was more work than I originally thought, it all paid off in the end. I truly enjoyed working with the seniors and Mrs. Alexander to help the community.”

The rules were simple, bring in positive food points to increase your first period class across the Candyland game board. There is one catch though, one class could bring in negative food points and sabotage another class by leaving the negative points in that class’s box.

The drive was two weeks long and all proceeds benefited the Lakeview Lookout, our school food pantry. The turnout was a gradual but inspiring one and brought some friendly competition between fellow teachers.

The last and final day was by far the best turnout with two specific classes in the lead, chemistry teacher Joshua Murphy and math teacher Jamie Miller both brought in the top two amounts and the whole school was anxious to hear who had come out on top. On Monday morning it was announced that Murphy’s first-period class had won the race to candy castle and they will receive the individually wrapped Covid-safe prizes.

Congratulations to Murphy’s class and well done to the 20-21 Entrepreneurship class. Your hard work definitely paid off.