2021 Top Dog: Steve Anastasiadis


With unexpected circumstances and conditions, our Lakeview students have been through, no one has been jumping through hoops quite like our seniors. Among our seniors, some have been able to stay ahead of the curve while others have struggled to adapt to online learning. However, no one has been able to adapt, maintain, and control the unpredictable situation that has been brought upon us all like Steve Anastasiadis. He has been able to exceed beyond expectations, lend a helping hand to fellow students, and share his charisma, and encourage others to keep pushing forward.

While succeeding in his studies, Anastasiadis has been proficient with his time, setting apart school from extracurricular activities. His favorite activities include skiing and tennis. Anastasiadis has shown to be better than your “average” tennis player, playing for USTA and even going all the way to regionals in Indianapolis. Although most of learning and education is tethered to school, Anastasiadis ensures that there are still lessons to be learned while playing or participating in these activities.

“Tennis is a very fast-paced sport and things can go good, to bad, to worse very quickly. While being heavily involved physically, tennis is a mental game as well. Keeping your composure and not letting your opponent get into your head is just as important as hitting your shots. Learning how to deal with frustration is one thing that I can take away from playing tennis.

Despite being his last year as a Bulldog, Anastasiadis can’t be more excited to see the finish line as he can remember the start like it was yesterday.

I have been a Bulldog from the very beginning. I started kindergarten as a Bulldog and I am graduating as one, and I couldn’t be any more proud.”

All throughout high school, it is hard to find purpose or to see where your journey will inevitably take you. Anastsiadis was able to see and recognize his next path to take, stating “Gen Chem I and Gen Chem II have been a real eye-opener for me. I never knew that science could be so in-depth and involve so much math at the same time. Chemistry has definitely been a class where I need to work my hardest to see results, and for that reason, I lean more towards math classes such as Calculus as my favorite.”

With the next road paved and the next chapter in life written, Anastasiadis will pursue a career that follows his passion for math and science. Filled with courage, determination, consistency, while keeping his mind as sharp as can be, he plans to partake in a career path that intertwines both of his favorite subjects.

After high school, I plan on studying Mechanical Engineering at The University of Akron. I plan on graduating with my bachelor’s degree in the field and then entering the workforce in hopes to find a career that I enjoy.”

Steve continues, stating “I am studying engineering because I want to make an impact on this world. I want to further advance technology, and I want to be the one to move society forward and help make the world a better place.”

As for now,  Anastasiadis continues to put his strong foot forward, keeping his studies up and his eyes on the prize. For the rest of the spring and summer season, you can catch him out on Mosquito Lake partaking in one of his most beloved hobbies, fishing. Anastasiadis finally adds, saying “Fishing is a hobby that has been in my family for generations. It was only a matter of time before I picked up my first fishing rod. I can thank my grandpa for my fishing obsession. He always loved fishing growing up and he still does to this day, which is why I love it just as much as he does.”