LHS Rides the Road To Normalcy


Caly Lantz and Jake Wilms

The COVID-19 Pandemic hit Lakeview High School hard last year, forcing the school into a hybrid schedule with students only attending twice a week and for only half a day at a time. The lack of in-person interaction and all the confusion made for a bumpy year for LHS staff and students. Administration, teachers, and students all faced unique challenges as they took the year head-on. Now welcoming a new school year the Dogs are eager to make a U-turn as they head back to normalcy.  

Last Year’s challenges started at the top. Michael DeToro, High School assistant principal, was familiar with the struggles.

DeToro feels that, “Students received a worse education last year than in years past because of the lack of school hours.” This is no surprise as students were only in-person for class about 50% of the time.

DeToro also felt that, “Students and teachers were playing catch up. As an administrator and a dad, it made me sad to see kids missing out on so many opportunities.”  

Last year was tough, but the assistant principal is ready to take back the wheel this year. The former teacher said he is most excited about, “All day, every day education.” 

In addition to administration, Lakeview teachers faced new challenges.

English teacher Laura Wood admitted that, “It was tough to make relationships with students last year. I felt like I couldn’t get to know my students because of the lack of time in school.”

Wood no longer has to face these challenges as students are back in school full time. When asked about why she is excited to return to normal, Wood smiled and said, “I am really excited for those silly moments my students and I share on a daily basis. I am also excited for students to be able to collaborate in groups.” 

Last year’s school year was tough for both teachers and administrators, but ultimately students are the ones who suffered the most. Senior Isabella Shuster said last year made her feel “isolated in an improper learning environment away from all her friends and all the parts that make school fun.”

The pandemic stripped students of all the best parts of school and left many students feeling alone. Shuster says when looking at the year ahead she is most excited for, “a normal senior year full of senior activities and lots of memories with friends before high school comes to an end.” 

Last school year was under construction, but this year everyone is excited to ride the new paved path.