New Coaching Staff Looks to Tackle Success


Nate Fox, Gavin Mauger, and Evan Davies

The Lakeview Football Program is reloading after longtime leader Coach Pavlansky left in February to coach Poland. After reviewing multiple applicants, the Bulldogs have hired Coach Sam Bellino to take his place. Along with Coach Bellino, the program is looking at almost entirely new coaching staff, returning only Coach Mark Swinning from last season.

The new coaching staff is looking to flip around the team’s recent success rate. As some of them have experience with the Lakeview Football program., whether it be as a former player or coach, they look to bring the right mentality and overall success back to the program.

The coaches have made an immediate impact on the players and are looking for a turnaround season.

Junior Aiden Schulman, who has key varsity experience and carries a significant role for the Bulldogs says, “I think the new coaching staff is great. They’re great coaches and even better people. They make sure we always give 100% effort in everything we do.” 

With an overall young coaching staff, the future is bright for the program.

Sophomore Tyler Hovance, who plays a big role on the team already and is bound to be a team leader as a future upperclassmen, says, “The new coaching staff pushes us hard and they are great leaders and mentors to us. I’m excited about this year, and our future in the program.”

Although the program has seen brighter days and hasn’t had success lately, the Bulldogs look to turn it around behind this new coaching staff and look forward to a successful season and future.

Fans can catch the Bulldogs Friday night @7 PM in Girard.