New Year, New Teachers: Carson Brings Class to Lakeview


Maddie Mathews, Reporter

As we go into this school year there are a lot of new faces to see, both students and teachers! One new face that you need to get used to seeing around here is the new government and sociology teacher Cameron Carson.

Carson graduated from Niles McKinley High School and got his degree from Youngstown State University. Before moving to Lakeview this year he taught one year at Niles Middle School.

I asked him what he was most looking forward to this year and he said that he was most looking forward to becoming part of the Lakeview community and building relationships with the staff and students here at Lakeview High School.

After being asked what it meant to him to be a Bulldog he said, “To me being a Bulldog means expecting the best for yourself and everyone around you. It means holding yourself to the highest standard and doing everything possible to achieve the goals you set for yourself.”

Carson not only is a teacher he is also the freshman/JV offensive coordinator and works with the varsity receivers and defensive backs. This would explain why he said that the sport he was most looking forward to was football and baseball.

Outside of school Carson likes to play golf. He also likes “going to sporting events and hanging out with friends.”