Lakeview Band Marches the Home Field


Tristan Beil, Reporter

Lakeview held its first home band night open to the public in two years Monday, August 30th. The night began with a variety of wonderful performances by three other bands in the area: Warren G. Harding, Niles, and Howland High School. For every performance, the Lakeview Band respectfully wished the other High School Bands good luck.

After the Lakeview Marching Band exclaimed, “Good luck Howland!”, for the last time, Howland performed, and finished their performance. This left Lakeview as the last performing band.

Lakeview went on to take the field upon Howland’s band finishing their performance. After a warm-up from the Lakeview band, they stood solidly at attention. This was then preceded by a quad drummer, Mya Best, running to the front of the band and screaming the infamous words for Lakeview band members, “HEY BAND!”.

Upon these words, the Lakeview band members screamed back with pride, “HEY WHAT!”.

Best continued these questions with, “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”.






These words were then proceeded with one final, “LAKEVIEW!”, by the band, as they lifted their left foot off the ground and slammed it back onto the field.

At this point the Lakeview band seemed eager to march their own field, and deliver their amazing performance, that they have worked so hard on. 

The band then marched onto the field, moving towards Portal Dr. with the wondrous sound of an mellophone solo by junior Lindsay Dean. This solo was for the song Best of Gloria Estefan!

This year’s band night performance was Latin themed, with the band featuring the songs Best of Gloria Estefan arranged by Victor Lopez, Derrotando al Toro arranged by Jay Bocook, Bailamos arranged by Enrique Iglesias, Adelieland (from “Happy Feet”) arranged by Brian Scott, Sway (Quien Sera) arranged by Michael Brown, and Malaguena arranged by Michael Sweeny respectfully. 

The band then moved to the center of the field where they finished their performance with the song Malaguena. 

After the band’s wonderful performance in the center of the field, they played the infamous Lakeview Fight Song and marched off the field, moving South away from Portal Drive.

All in all, Lakeview put together a spectacular performance. The band marched wonderfully across the field, and played their Latin themed music at what seemed to be a professional level. The Lakeview Marching Band keeps their title once again this year as one of the best bands in Trumbull County.

Upcoming band performances are half time at the Lakeview football game in Girard, Friday, September 17th and Jackson-Massillon band night Saturday, September 18th, starting at 7 PM. Tickets must be purchased online for the band night.