Girls Golf Season is in Full Swing


Isabella Shuster, Reporter

Lakeview’s girls golf team is halfway done with their season and they couldn’t be more proud. So far the girls have won 4 matches and even beat Poland (one of their biggest competitors). The team consists of 5 girls, 2 returning and 3 first years. Seniors Raegan Schick, Isabella Shuster, and Teagan Pierce are enjoying their last season. With Mark Novotny Coaching the team there are sure to be many more matches won.

Schick shot a career record of 42 at the Niles match and when asked how she felt about it she said, “I felt like all my hard work finally paid off.” 

But when the girls started practicing at the end of June but things weren’t exactly ideal. The team started off with just a total of three girls, and three girls weren’t going to cut it. If they wanted a team they would at least need 4+ girls. Thankfully before the first match, some interested girls decided to join the team to complete the girl’s golf team.

Freshmen Cassie Koltz and Hailey Anderson have started off strong. Both girls are shooting mid to high 50s while only swinging a club for a few weeks.

Overall, the girls are working hard and starting to get ready for their upcoming tournaments. They have the Lake Club, NE8, and Sectionals. All of the girls have been preparing and practicing for the end-of-season events. 

With the end of the season approaching the girls are trying to enjoy their last few matches and have a good rest of their season.