Bulldogs Make a Comeback


Kylie Schwartz and Ella Chadwick

With a new school year beginning, things are returning to normal. However, fall sports seasons are still looking a little different due to covid restrictions. The newest guidelines allow athletes to enjoy the best parts of their sports season, while still keeping everyone safe. Not only do the athletes get to enjoy the games, but more students and families can attend too. 

The Lakeview Volleyball team has ditched many of their previous restrictions. Freshman Hallie Capan, a member of the Lakeview High School volleyball team explained, “Things are much more relaxed this year, like we don’t have to take our temperature before every practice, but we still have to wear the masks on the bus and on the bench.” 

Girls and Boys Cross Country have also relaxed covid restrictions, including masks while warming up. However, there are still some restrictions. Freshman Addison Briell says, “We have to wear masks on the bus and can’t play frisbee because we can’t touch it since it’s germy.”

Lakeview High School Football is now back to a somewhat normal season. Sophomore Aidan O’Rourke exclaims, “We have a locker room and there are 10 games this season!” 

The Lakeview High School girls and boys golf teams now have few different restrictions. We heard from Freshman Cassie Klotz and she said, “We have to wear masks on the bus but I think that is it.

Senior Cal Rinck said, “I really don’t care either way”, referring to whether or not they had to wear masking on the bus. 

Finally, we heard from the Girls Tennis team about their mask policies and Freshman Hailey Anderson said, “I don’t like wearing a mask on the bus.” 

Overall, many of the restrictions have changed. The new policies allow for more fans at games, and let the players enjoy their season a little more. So don’t miss out on watching your favorite Lakeview High School athletes play the sports they love.