2022 Top Dog: Glenn Tolliver


Glenn Tolliver scores Lakeview’s 1st touchdown of the 2020 Season.

Colin Oaks, Reporter

Glenn Tolliver is one of the 119 Lakeview Seniors in the 2022 graduating class, with a bright future ahead of him. Tolliver is a very intelligent individual, scoring a very solid 27 on the ACT which ranks in the top 13% of all high school students.

He has also spent his junior and senior years taking college credit plus classes at Lakeview High School.  Tolliver plans to put this intelligence to good use, as he plans on “attending college to obtain an engineering degree”. According to Glenn, his “school of choice hasn’t been determined”, but wherever he decides to go he’s sure to be successful. 

Along with his above-average intelligence, Tolliver also excels as an athlete at Lakeview High School. Glenn is a multi-sport athlete here at Lakeview, playing both football and track.

Tolliver is a 4-year letter winner in track and has been very successful in pole vault, 4×100, 4×200, and 100m. His sophomore year Tolliver decided to make the switch from soccer to football. Since then he’s been a 2-year letter winner playing receiver, defensive back, and punter for the Lakeview High School football team. 

Very few high school students are as athletically and academically talented as Tolliver, but these attributes don’t just occur overnight. Tolliver possesses an exceptional work ethic both academically and athletically. He has worked for all of his accomplishments and balancing school with being a two-sport athlete isn’t an easy task. Overall, Tolliver is an extraordinary individual who will find success in life with his intellect and work ethic.