Mrs. Claus Lives at Lakeview


Jake Wilms, Reporter

Did you know that Mrs. Clause works at Lakeview High School? Her name is Mrs. Petrunia.

While library assistant Margie Petrunia may be a new face in the Lakeview High School library this year she is no stranger to Lakeview, as all 27 years of her teaching experience have taken place in the district. 

Petrunia says, “I started at Cortland Elementary and then went to Bazetta. I worked at the K-8 building for several years and then came to the High School this year.” 

But while shelving and checking out books and assisting students is Petrunia’s job, helping anyone in need is her passion. 

With holiday season right around the corner, Petrunia is starting to get busy helping the community.

Each year for approximately the last 20 years Petrunia organizes a food drive for the students and families of Lakeview Local Schools. 

When asked why she started the food drive Petrunia said, “I started it because I saw hungry children at school and knew that parents didn’t have work or food in their homes. I saw the opportunity to help them and took it.”

The donations she collects are given out the third Wednesday of every month, and students can help by donating to the Lookout.

Petrunia cares deeply about every student in the district and it is shown through her actions, not only through the food drive, but also her Angel Tree Program. 

Petrunia says that through the Angel Tree Program, “We reach out to families who would benefit from having a little something extra at Christmas. Parents help by giving us a wish list for their children, and community members donate gifts for these Lakeview students including toys, clothes, and shoes.”

Over the past 25 years, countless families have had a magical Christmas because of Petrunia’s unrivaled kindness.

Petrunia’s incredible acts of kindness serve as a model for all children in the district, and anyone who wants to help in the Angel Tree project should, “contact [me] in early December to volunteer to organize the gifts,” said Petrunia. 

What causes a person to become so kind? According to Petrunia, “When I was growing up, I watched my dad help other people by giving them what they needed. I was inspired by his kindness and decided to live by his example as an adult.” Kindness is passed down generation by generation, and all students can hope that some of Petrunia’s kindness lands upon them.  

If you have any free time during your day, stop down in the media center to thank Mrs. Petrunia, our very own Mrs. Clause, for everything she does for Lakeview.