Dorma and Sulc Represent Lakeview at the District All-Star Soccer Game

Nick Dorma, Reporter

The Youngstown District All-Star soccer game was recently played, and our Bulldogs really showed up. Seniors Nick Dorma and Zach Sulc were both invited to the game, and for the first time in their soccer career they played against each other. After multiple years of playing on the same team, these two finally tried to beat each other. There were three teams, and each team played two games that lasted a half-hour each.

The white team (Dorma’s team) ended up doing the best in the showcase, with a win and a tie. The red team (Sulc’s Team) earned second place with a win and a loss. The grey team, a team without any Bulldogs, finished last with a loss and a tie. 

Dorma was one of the two Lakeview students that participated in the games, and he had nothing but good things to say about it. “It was an honor to be able to go and play in the District All-Star game. Seeing everyone that I used to play travel with when I was younger, and being able to play with them again was amazing. It would have been a lot more fun if it wasn’t so cold.”

The event took place at Hubbard High School’s stadium on a freezing, snowy afternoon. The temperature dropped to about 28 degrees, and the snow did not stop falling until after the final game concluded. 

Dorma found it very strange to have to play against Sulc, someone that he has played on the same team as for almost a decade. “It was very weird to have to play against Zach, since I have played on the same team as him for most of my life. Seeing him on the field and not passing him the ball was definitely strange.”

Sulc was the other Lakeview student that participated, and he said, “It was a great opportunity to play in such an event. Playing with the best of the best at this age level is fascinating to experience and allowing us to show our skills to the college coaches who were in attendance.”

Sulc was contacted by a coach from Thiel University following an impressive performance, and is excited to be getting this recognition and be able to consider playing at the next level. He states that “It was an honor to be recognized by Thiel’s head coach in response to the All-Star game. I am considering joining their men’s soccer team to further my soccer and academic career. They have a great program and are looking to bring many seniors of the ’22 class to continue the leadership the team carries as other players graduate.” 

Sulc has not decided what university he will be attending. He is trying to decide if he wants to go to play soccer at Thiel, or attend Kent State University and prioritize his education.

Neither of the two have made a decision yet on the future of their soccer career. While they do not know what their futures hold, they both had amazing careers up to this point. They both received District Honor Awards, and they were both on the Northeast 8 Conference Team for their senior year.