New Club Raises Lakeview’s Spirit


Colin Oaks, Reporter

A new club is coming to Lakeview High School! This club will be known as the 126 club, run by LHS Social Studies teacher Cameron Carson and Science teacher Joshua Murphy.

The club has an interesting name in which the 12 represents the twelfth player on the field during fall sports being the student section and the 6 represents the same during basketball.

According to Carson, the 126 Club will look to  “increase school spirit and get more students to attend games in order to support our student-athletes”.

The idea for this club arose when Carson and Murphy discussed potential ways to increase school spirit. 

This club will not only increase school spirit, but will also give students the opportunity to become more involved.

According to Carson, the 126 club will allow members to “discuss themes, chants, and ideas for sporting events and ways to encourage students to come to games.”

This club will give students new opportunities to be involved and improve the atmosphere at Lakeview High School sporting events. 

This club is unlike any extracurricular we’ve had at Lakeview in the past. This club is a great opportunity for all students to get involved with school spirit and improve the atmosphere for our entire student body.

Any student in grades 9-12 can join through the club Google Classroom. Stop in Carson’s room and copy the code from the board.