Thanksgiving or Christmas? Which Does Lakeview Prefer?


Blaine Barr, Reporter

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach this year it has really gotten me to think which holiday LHS teachers and students like more. After talking to multiple teachers and students’ I got their thoughts on both holidays. I think you will be surprised as to what they have to say.  

I talked with senior Landon Maderitz about which holiday he liked more and this is what he had to say,  “It’s obvious…Christmas” when asked why, Maderitz had this to say, “Presents and I also get to see some of my family.”

I figured Christmas would be the more popular vote mostly because of the presents, but being more grown up now some teachers and students have a change of thought.

When talking with senior Nate Fox he had some things to say about why he had a change of thought over the years. “I always used to like Christmas over Thanksgiving, but since I got older I look forward to having family over and eating a bunch of food….. The reason for this is that Christmas is really fun as a little kid but once you’re older the presents aren’t as cool and fun as they used to be.”  

Then I talked with junior Alex Stowe. “I like when it snows it’s just a different vibe…. it’s just such a beautiful feeling. All my family gathers around and we just have food all over, grandma’s cookies are the best and having the sweet cinnamon rolls in the morning before opening the presents is just immaculate.”

I spoke with another senior Colin Oaks who said, “Christmas is by far the better holiday when compared to Thanksgiving. I don’t know why it just seems like the more popular holiday out of the two and personally I enjoy it more.”

By far Christmas is the more popular vote over Thanksgiving, which is not very shocking.

Speaking with senior Gavin Mauger he said, “I like Christmas better. Thanksgiving is fun and all but without gifts and snow it’s just not as fun. Christmas is always gonna be my favorite holiday because the feeling you had as a kid will always be there, walking out and looking under the Christmas tree and seeing what Santa got you.

Senior Gracey Stockton states, “I like Christmas better, because I like being out of school more and longer and I also like to give out gifts to people. I like seeing peoples reactions to opening the gift that I give them.”

Lastly I spoke with Officer Rice. He had this to say, “I like Christmas better….” when asked why he said, “I just like the snow better and it is just more fun than Thanksgiving.”

After speaking with teachers and students I got the answer I assumed was going to be the most obvious. Christmas was declared the better holiday out of the Thanksgiving and Christmas debate. More people just like snow and hanging out with family in December instead of doing that in November. But that is the final debate: Christmas is better than Thanksgiving.