Lakeview Students and Staff Share Holiday Wish Lists


Maddie Mathews, Reporter

Around November every year people start thinking about what they would like to see under the tree on Christmas day. Oftentimes their list is filled with realistic and unrealistic items they want to have. Items can range from the newest video game to a phone or computer all the way to things like a new pet.

As I asked students about what they most wanted to see under the tree, the most common answer was some sort of technology.

Junior Avery Jones said, “The thing I hope for most for Christmas is the Iphone 13 pro.” Which is the same answer I got from a handful of the student body.

Another answer I found to be very common when asking students what’s on their wishlist was shoes. The shoe list ranges from new boots for skiing and snowboarding to the new pair of Jordans.

Junior Abbie Sprockett said on her Christmas list she wants to receive purple crocs under her tree.

Kylie Schwartz, grade 11, said “ for Christmas I would like brown platform converse”, which is a lot like her BFF, Ella Chadwick’s, answer of black platform converse.

Senior Nicholas Basile, “Sal” to most of Lakeview, said he wants a brand new onesie under his tree for Christmas this year. He said he would wear it to support his Bulldogs!

I got the opportunity to ask a preschooler, Chase Miller, what he wanted for Christmas and he said Star Wars legos, especially the big ones like Darth Vader’s face and Death Star set.

Asking Chase this question got me thinking about how the gifts I wanted when I was a kid are far different from the ones I want now. This sparked me to ask a few students what was the best present they have ever gotten.

Junior Dino Haidaris said, “When I was 7, I got to go to Disney World as a Christmas present. I have so many fun memories from that trip.”

A trip is always a fun thing to get for Christmas because you get to fly, create memories, and visit a new place.

Junior Erica Giesey said her best present was when she got a car last year for Christmas. This is a common gift for new drivers, and one of the most asked for.

But students aren’t the only ones in the school that have a Christmas wish list. Teachers have one too!

Government teacher and head baseball coach, Cameron Carson, said he would like to receive a black stone grill under his tree so he can expand his culinary skills.

Geometry teacher Dean Shanower said he would like a new snow blower for this upcoming winter season.

Though most answers were serious, I did receive some mock answers as well.

For example,  Algebra 2 teacher Mark Novotny said he would like “peace and quiet for Christmas.”

Chemistry teacher Zachary Brown said he wants things for his new house that he just purchased!

Joshua Murphy, a chemistry teacher as well, said he wants padded shorts for his peloton bike that he purchased recently.

Overall, the gift range shows a change throughout the four grades in this building. Many freshman said they wanted things like video games, which though was said in other grades it was more requested by freshman. As the grades went up, more people I asked wanted clothes or shoes. Finally in the senior class, I did get some of the previous answers, but a few also stated things like “I hope to get into my dream college in the fall.” When I am a senior, this will definitely be on my list!