Lakeview Decks the Halls with Hat and Glove Mission


Zach Sulc, Reporter

Different groups at Lakeview High School are finding ways to get students more involved in helping others. Throughout the holiday season, students get excited about receiving gift and so are drawn away from the fact that this is the season of giving, and so to get us back into the Christmas spirit, many school groups are starting collections of various sorts to help others. The Bulldog Bulletin reached out to the custodial staff members and Sr. Beta Club members participating in the hat and glove drive to find out what they had to say about such a nice event for families.

Lori Lasso and Cindi Williams, custodians at the High School building organize the collection each year and put up a display in the main lobby to get students and staff interested in donating.

Lasso states, “We have gotten this idea by thinking about what we can do for families in need and to include the school in taking action we thought it is a great opportunity to help others that are less fortunate.”

Lasso also says that the custodians have been doing this collection for 6 years now and are looking to continue the tradition.

Williams adds, “The donations go to our community Children Services and to the Warren Family Mission.”

This activity has generated a lot of warm donations over the years.

Williams says, “The most donations we have ever received while doing this added up to a total of 300 hats and gloves.”

The custodians will accept any new hats, gloves, and scarves.

“The most popular item we receive is hats and we are looking to bring in as many gloves as hats this year,” said Lasso.

The custodians believe that Lakeview can break this record and that is their biggest goal and what they are looking forward to most this winter. They ask everyone to help deck the halls with them so that we can break the current record of 300 hats and gloves.

Thus far, the school and community has not donated as many hats and gloves as they have food in the food drives that have happened up to now this year. Students are currently working on trying to spread the message that this creates a huge impact on others who can’t afford clothes to keep them warm at this time of year.

The Bulldog Bulletin editor, senior Damyen Fuchilla, who is also the Sr. Beta Club President this year has a few words to say about this organization, “I feel that the hat and glove drive is a really good thing for the less fortunate as they have access to newer hats and gloves that can keep the little kids warm during throughout the winter season. I am hoping that there is a lot of participation this year to help out as many people as possible.”

All Sr. Beta members, other Lakeview students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to bring new hats, gloves, or scarves to the main office, to Mrs. Sarko in room 224, or just add them to the display in the main lobby. They can be fit for all ages from toddler to an adult. This hat and glove drive ends on December 17th so please donate if possible so we can better the lives of others. Lasso and Williams will be delivering the hats to the Warren Mission after the collection ends on the 17th. They cannot thank everyone enough for all of their participation in this nice gesture.