Midterms Test LHS Students’ Patience


Ella Chadwick, Writer and Reporter


It’s crunch time. We now get to see who’s been paying attention and who hasn’t so far this year. Will your scores make or break your grade? After being in school since August, midterms are now here. A stressful and scary time of the school year. These test grades are weighted and affect your grade a lot. Many students spend late nights studying and trying to remember everything from the whole first half of the year. 

Some students who are in CCP classes have begun their finals. These exams may be students’  finals or midterms for college courses. These finals are a larger percentage of their grade, in fact, some are more than a standard high school class would have them as. This means these tests are very important and can make or break a grade. 

I heard from Junior Izzi Petrilla. Petrilla expressed her concerns about her college chemistry final being a struggle, “There is a lot of material that is covered throughout the year so far.”

Petrilla also said she will “start studying the notes and worksheets 3 days in advance of the test.” With studying in advance Petrilla is hoping to be able to remember everything for the test. 

Junior Kylie Schwartz also had some concerns about one of her midterms, she said,  “I am worried about Anatomy because it is harder than the college classes I am taking.”

Schwartz also stated that she “won’t be able to study as much because she has a basketball game the day before.” 

Being in sports during the midterms adds onto the work by having less time to study. These student athletes have to manage their time even better and take advantage of what little time left they have to study. Midterms being weighted adds even more to the pressure and makes students freak out more than they do with normal tests. 

Junior Xavier Madorma expressed how his stressing goes to the next level when it comes to midterm. He said his Chemistry exam is the one he is most worried about, “because it was hard to understand the combining of the math and science aspects of it.”

Madorma plans to prepare are “to cry and hope for the best.”

That was an interesting take, but some feel as if they may have no hope for a midterm and that they should just hope for the best, just like Madorma is. 

I heard from Freshman Hallie Capan and she was worried because “Rock Connections has had so much material covered so far.”

Though she did express concern overall Capan seems to be preparing in a good way by “reading over the chapters to better understand.”

Next student heard from was Sophomore Izzy Haines, who said she “stressed over math because we are about to take a test over a new chapter and stressing over doing good on that and then to add on stress for midterms.”

Haines is concerned about having more than just the midterms to focus on. She now has to divide her time so she can hopefully do good on both.  

As many students stress over the exams. Some are also preparing well and studying hard to ensure they get the grade they want. The holidays are such a happy time but overcoming the obstacle of these tests just before break will make it a happier when they are complete. By getting these tests done before the break we have a stress free vacation.