Safe Driving During the Winter at LHS: Or How to Stay out of the Ditches of Cortland


Isabella Shuster, Reporter

With the winter weather quickly approaching the Lakeview community has to make sure that everyone is driving safely. For many students, this will be their first winter driving and they should take into consideration the dangers of the roads. Lakeview SRO, Officer Rice has partnered with SMASH and explains driving during the snowy weather.

According to SMASH member Dino Haidaris, The SMASH club is “a program through the state highway patrol where teens throughout the district of Trumbull county promote safe driving.”

A questionnaire posted in the Lakeview library hallway asks a simple question: “How do you drive safely during the winter?” Students were asked to write answers on the poster telling how they drive safely to help each other out during this weather. The responses were flooding in and there were so many great tips given from one student to another. 

One of the main things that will cause an accident is ice. Speeding will only make things worse. Icy roads are nothing to mess with, you might not even see the patch of ice before sliding into a light post or worse another car.

Senior Gracey Stockton says that to prevent accidents she will “go slow when there is snow or slush on the roads.”

Ice is one of the main issues that cause accidents this time of the year. A safe driving tip from junior Caitlin Mark that should not only be done during the winter but all the time is “Wearing my seatbelt.” You have to be alert and aware knowing that ice could be anywhere. 

Another issue is time management, you have to make sure to leave a little bit earlier than you usually do.

Junior Avery Jones says she is safe when driving, “I manage my time so I never rush on the road.”

Rushing to school or work isn’t a good idea when it comes to the slick roads. This tip was written down numerous times. If everyone leaves home just a little bit earlier than they will greatly decrease their chances of something happening on the road. 

Checking your tires is another great way to limit the possibilities of an accident this winter. Students of Lakeview High School and part of the SMASH club were out in the last few weeks checking students’ tires and giving a report to each driver. Having good tires will reduce the risk when it comes to sliding.

“Leaving a good stopping distance between you and the car in front of you is a good thing to keep in mind,” Officer Rice says. You must have good traction on your tires and if you have flat or dull tires that could be an issue when stopping.

“Accelerating and decelerating” is a tip from sophomore Dylan Clements to make sure that sliding will be avoided during the winter. 

Keeping all these tips in mind could save a lot of accidents from happening this year.

Officer Rice says that he has to deal “with around 50 accidents during the winter.”

Many of those accidents are younger and newer drivers. So taking the time to slow down, buckle up, manage time, and keeping tires inflated could reduce the risks of an accident greatly.

Students who have any questions can go ask Officer Rice or any members of the SMASH club.