Lakeview’s Fun In The Snow


Gavin Mauger, Reporter

Imagine yourself after a restless night. You wake up on Christmas morning ready to go see the gifts that Santa put under the tree, in the process you look outside and see no snow on the ground. 

What is a Christmas break without snow? In Northeast Ohio, snow is a very common occurrence but, with the late coming winter and snow, many students are left wondering if we will have a white Christmas this year. 

Students throughout Lakeview believe that snow is a very important part of Christmas. Senior Chris Bowman said, “Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow, I really hope we get some in these next few weeks.” 

Lakeview students are in hope to have snow to get to experience the fun that comes with it. 

Along with snow comes a lot of activities including sledding, snowball fights, building snowmen, not to mention many other great activities. 

What is Lakeview Highschool’s favorite snow activity?

Senior Landon Maderitz loves to spend his days on the hills of Cortland. Maderitz said, “It has to be sledding, I live for the exhilarating feeling that comes from going down hills at such high speeds.”

Senior Colton Maiorca likes to incorporate his love of football into his time spent outside in the winter. Maiorca said, “I have to say snow football, I’ve made so many memories throughout the years with family and friends. There’s really no better time to play football.”

Senior Tyler Doran implements his childhood love of Nerf Guns when the snowfalls. Doran said, “I love snowball fights, you get a nice slingshot and it’s like you are having a nerf fight but outside.” He later goes on to say, “If you don’t have a snowball maker I highly recommend you get one.”

Senior Evan Lenox has to travel a bit for his favorite winter activity, “I can’t wait to go to Peak and Peak to ski this winter. I am kind of new to skiing but it has been some of the most fun that I’ve had in my life, I think everyone should try it at least once.”

Senior Dante Warner has a bit of an unconventional favorite snow activity. Warner says “I love to go outside and lay in the snow, the cold feeling that comes into your body is truly unlike any other.” Warner then goes on to say he also “really enjoys eating snow. Snow is like a snow cone but free, just make sure you stay away from the yellow parts.”

While some chose to stay inside when the snow rolls in. Senior Mackenzie Morrison says, “My favorite thing to do is stay inside and watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate.” She believes this helps her really get in the holiday spirit. 

Senior Cassidy Hluchan also shared how she loves to get into the Christmas spirit. Hluchan said, “I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate.” She then goes on to say, “Christmas truly isn’t Christmas without snow, I really hope for a white Christmas this year.” 

Senior Gracey Stockton also likes to keep warm with hot chocolate. Stockton said, “I love to make hot chocolate with little marshmallows and watch movies. I am not the biggest fan of the cold so I have to stay warm somehow.” Although Stockton does not enjoy the cold she does love how pretty the snow is. 

After hearing the Bulldog’s favorite snow activities, you can tell that snow is a very important part of winter and Christmas to many of Lakeview’s students. One can only hope that the Bulldogs get the white Christmas they hope for. 

Lakeview’s Publications class wishes you all to have happy and safe holidays!