Lakeview’s Madrigal Feast Looks Different this Year!

Hayden Rozzo, Reporter

This year’s Madrigal Feast looked different for the students and the attendees. While in the past, the Madrigal Feast was presented as a dinner and performance either  three days or two days, with Covid protocols still in place, a dinner performance was definitely not possible this year. Last year, because of Lakeview and Trumbull county being in Red, meaning locked down, students weren’t even in school during the the time when the Madrigal Feast would be presented. This year, new choir director, Megan Mullins, and all the madrigal students wanted to still have some kind of performance, so they switched to a Madrigal Concert which was held Saturday, December 4. Instead of a meal and performance in the cafeteria, the Madrigals put together a night of just songs in the Lakeview auditorium. While the audience might have missed being fed, they were certainly not missing any of the joyous holiday singing.

When asked what was different about the Feast this year Sophomore Chloe Wagner said, “We had our Madrigal performance in the auditorium instead of the cafeteria, we did not have food this year, and we wore masks throughout the concert. “

Although they didn’t have food, Freshmen Anna Powell quoted, “Even though there wasn’t any food, although, there was still wassail.”

The feast may have looked different but the show must go on. Senior Katie Dean who was in the Madrigals Feast years prior and saw it at its full potential, and when asked How do you feel about this year’s performance compared to prior years, said, “It was much different. But, I am grateful to Mrs. Mullins for maintaining our traditions for my last year.”

Many of the returning students were thankful to Mullins for keeping the tradition alive but putting it in a new light with a safer aspect that made everyone more comfortable.

Many of the performers were happy with their acts and enjoyed the new style of the performance even though it takes away from the acts and the dinner, the Queen of the Feast Senior Anna Rider said, “I enjoyed welcoming the audience into Lakview’s “Great Hall” to celebrate the Christmas Season.”

When Dean was asked about her part in the performance, she said, “As a senior, I was a part of the Royal Court and got to experience the performance in a whole new light.”

The feast may have looked different but the audience still showed their appreciation. When Wagner was asked about how the performance went and how the audience responded she said, “I think we had fewer people this year than normal, probably due to the lack of food but overall the concert went well. The audience was laughing and having a good time with us.”

Although the audience may have been smaller the ones that showed up seemed to enjoy the performance and had fun, Dean said,

She added, “Overall it was a success. The audience responded well to our interactions in the beginning and spoke highly of it afterward.”

Freshmen Tatiana Brazzon, one of the younger performers who had never been in the Madrigals was asked how she thought the feast went and how the audience responded, she said, “It was good and the audience said we sounded professional.”

Overall, the 2021 Madrigals Feast was a success this year while looking different from previous years.