Lakeview Bulldogs Slide into A Spectacular Holiday Season


Daylen Chapmen, Reporter

We are so close to that time of year that Lakeview Bulldogs have all been waiting for! During the holidays people from all across the country get together and spend time with their loved ones. Christmas is about much more than getting gifts, it is about cherishing the time that we all value so much but yet never seem to get enough of. Many students have different plans to enjoy their holiday season whether that be sitting at home spending time with family or out and having fun with friends. Here are some students plans for the holiday season from Lakeview High School.

This year many students are excited to see family members that they couldn’t see last year due to covid. Hopefully everyone gets to see their loved ones on this special holiday season this year.

Junior Luke Canzonetta  plans on celebrating with his family at his grandparents house.  Unfortunately Canzonetta couldn’t see some of his family last year due to covid, so he is super excited to see them again this Christmas.

Canzonetta wants to makeup for last year and give back to people that made an impact on his life. He says, ¨I plan on getting my family and anyone who is close to me or made an impact on my life a present this year.¨

Sophomore Faith Biggs is going over to her great grandmother’s to have a reunion with her family. Biggs also plans on buying presents for her siblings. She says, ¨My little brother will probably get something game related like pokemon or minecraft. My little sisters will probably get something music or sport related. Lastly, the two older siblings will just receive money.¨ 
Senior Allison Redman is having a Christmas party for family she doesn’t usually see before Christmas, and another party on Christmas eve. Redman said, ¨I plan to buy gifts for my all of my family and friends. I don’t have a big family so I go all out for buying gifts.¨ 
Although some of us may stay close for the holiday season we do have some students who are travelling a little further to celebrate this season.
Junior Samantha Capps says, ¨Me and my family plan on going back home to Florida for the holidays.¨
Freshman Brooklyn Ward is going to Dothan Alabama, and then driving down to Panama City Beach. Ward said she saw her brother last year, but this year she is going to go stay with him instead.
This Friday is our last day in school before for our 20 day break! With finals and midterms going on we can all agree that this break is going to be much needed for everyone.
You might ask, what are you going to do with 20 days off? Well there’s tons to do and Lakeview students are here to tell you some of the plans they have for this break.
Sophomore Lillian McCarthy has big plans ahead for this break because she wants to volunteer at the Animal Welfare League. She says ¨I’ll be reading and applying for jobs so that I can volunteer at the Animal Welfare League. Its my agreement with my parents that I get a job and then I can volunteer.” 
Freshman Ryan Leasure is planning on having his friends come over to play games and chop wood. He says, ¨It will be a good time to get a mental reset for myself.¨
Junior Tracie Shockey doesn’t have 20 days off because she attends TCTC, but she plans on spending time with her family with the time off that she has.
Junior Hayden Rozzo says that he is ¨planning on hanging out with his friends as much as possible, spending time with family and building a snowman.¨
Junior Luke Canzonetta is going to go up to Peek´n Peak sometime during the break with his friends. Canzonetta and his friends have gone up there every year since 8th grade. He says ¨I can´t wait to go up there and continue the tradition that we started in 8th grade. I’m so ready to go because I will definitely need this trip after these midterms.¨
This time of year is a very special time where we get together with family, friends, and loved ones, and spread kindness, cheer, and love. A lot of people have many different plans for the holiday whether that is traveling far or staying close to home. However something that always remains constant is during this special holiday everyone spends time with the people they care about. So Lakeview High School would proudly like to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!