LHS Reminisces over Merry Memories


Michael Horn, reporter

Christmas can bring some of the best memories for kids. Everyone always thinks of opening gifts under the tree or eating Christmas cookies. But what sticks out in your memories that is uniquely yours? Everyone has their own special Christmas memory. It may be a funny holiday tradition you do with your family, a game you play every Christmas, or some fun adventure you take every year at this time. Whatever it is, memories are made at this time of the year. Memories are some of the best stories to tell your friends, or just nice to look back on and reminisce about the good times that have passed. The atmosphere around the school just before break is cheerful.  So this week we decided to ask some Lakeview High School students, what is your favorite holiday memory?

We first caught up with senior Gavin Mauger. We asked him, what is your favorite holiday or Christmas memory? Mauger responded, “My best memories from Christmas time would be all the fun activities that go along with Christmas. Snow, cookies, movies, and family gatherings. Just all the things that come with the holiday. I can not think of exactly one memory that sticks out. So for me it’s just all the little things. They really add up and make a difference. “

Next we talked with senior Jake Wilms. When Wilms was asked what is your favorite holiday or Christmas memory? Wilms said, “Some of my best memories during Christmas were relaxing at home watching NBA and NFL Christmas specials with my family. Back in the winter of 2016 the Cavs played the warriors. The Cavs had just beat the warriors in the finals so everyone was really excited. The Cavs hit a game-winning shot right at the end. I remember being so happy that Christmas.”

We then chatted with senior Evan Davies. When Davies was asked, what is your favorite holiday or Christmas memory?Davies shared, “My best memories would most definitely be the Christmas parties and gatherings with my entire family. It is really nice to see everyone and eat good food. Everyone is always in a good mood so it is always a good time.  A few years ago we even got matching pajamas. At the time is seemed really silly, but looking back on it, it was a lot of fun. At the time we didn’t know we were making memories, but looking back those were the times.”

Finally we asked senior Nate Fox. When we asked Fox, what is your favorite holiday or Christmas memory? Fox explained “My favorite memories are probably on the basketball court. Christmas time is always during basketball season and some of my best memories are from basketball. Team dinners before home games are always very fun. We have lots of very good food and have a good time as a team. Sometimes even after dinner we will go do something as a team. Whatever it is, we always have fun with it. I would have to say that those are some of my best memories.”

These Christmas memories show that everyone has their own holiday and Christmas traditions and memories. It is such a special time of year and everyone celebrates in their own way. With stressful finals week at the high school winding down it was a nice change of pace to hear a few student’s favorite memories. All around the world this holiday people will be making memories and they will not even realize it. As the high school moves into winter break I hope everyone has a fun and safe Christmas with the ones they love.