Lighten Up Cortland, It’s Christmas!

Caly Lantz, Reporter

As December rolls around, ugly sweaters get dug out of the closet, people trade their holiday pies for festive Christmas cookies, and ladders are propped as Christmas lights once again get their time to shine. Driving through the city of Cortland on a December night never disappoints. Despite the classic and elegant look of white Christmas lights, it seems this year colored lights are all the rage. In addition to the community as a whole, High school students at Lakeview High School love the lights too. 

Driving through the town it’s clear some houses make an effort by projecting lights onto their home or placing a Christmas character on their lawn. However, other houses go all out.

Sophomore Nolan Toth says, “We put our Christmas lights up every year right before Thanksgiving so we can light them Thanksgiving night.”

Toth goes on to add that his favorite part about his family’s lights is “the joy it brings my dad when he is all finished putting them up..” Additionally, Toth commented on the happiness the lights bring himself and his whole family. 

Many people in the town of Cortland take a sense of pride in their lights as it reflects back on their community as a whole and allows the town to spread cheer. 

Sophomore Leah Fabry says, “My favorite part of our Christmas lights are the classic colorful ones, and I also like the addition of a light-up deer that we added this year to our front lawn.” Similar to the Toth family, the Fabry’s also choose to put their lights up before Thanksgiving in order to enjoy them throughout the entire Christmas season. 

While some traditions come and go, and as families grow and change and move away, Christmas lights seem to be a familiar tradition that brings everyone together. Anyone lacking cheer, struggling during the stress of midterms, or the chaos during this busy month can relax and take the day off as they drive home and see bright lights reminding them of all Christmas means to them. 

Senior Jake Wilms comments, “With midterms the week before Christmas break, and basketball season in full swing, it’s easy for this season to become stressful and busy. Each night after a long day of school and basketball, driving home and seeing all the houses lit up makes my day and reminds me Christmas break is so soon!”

The lights remind us all to not get distracted with business and to embrace this beautiful season before it’s gone. 

Senior Carly Hawn, agreed saying, “My neighbors all have their houses decked out with Christmas lights, driving through my neighborhood and seeing them every night gets me in the Christmas spirit!” 

Some may feel putting up lights every year is just another chore on the to-do list while others look forward to it every year. Either way, Christmas lights impact people more than most will ever know. The lights help make the season all that is it. Cortland’s Christmas lights are a great tradition that will hopefully continue to live on, spreading cheer to all those in the community.