Deck the Halls and Classrooms of Lakeview

Makayla Strauss, Reporter

Lakeview High students are getting in the Christmas spirit by decking the halls. Many teachers and students throughout the school say that the decorations make the school look merry and bright!

Assistant principal, Michael Detoro, thinks the students have done a really nice job and donated a lot of their time and effort after school to make everything look great by bringing the joy and the fun back. 

Detoro says that he “is ready for Christmas, and our school looks really good right now, and that was an initiative that we had and it had come from the student body, just to make this place a little more cheerful and more joyful this holiday season.” 

Math teacher, Chandler Verhas, says that some of his students surprised him with decorating his room because they are very appreciative of him. 

Verhas says students, “Olivia Easton, Marissa Eddy, Izzy Haines, Jozie Shruck, and Emerson Hyde say that they always appreciate me helping out students, and wanted to do something nice in return to get people in the Christmas spirit. So, they decided to decorate my room for Christmas and wrap my door to look like a present.

Chemistry teacher, Joshua Murphy, and his students spread the Christmas fun by creating trees made of Chemistry glassware with purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue liquids. This tree in particular is called a “chem”istree. The tree is made out of different beakers with green-colored fluids, atomic models, and safety goggles.

Murphy states that “every year after Chemistry finals are done, the college kids build a chemistree, so they can get into the Christmas spirit and be festive.”

Math teacher, Kelly Prokop loves Christmas, as it is her favorite time of year. She has been going all out on decorating her room for Christmas for several years, and some of the decorations she uses are from her grandparents. 

Prokop says, “Each of my students got to pick an ornament and decorate it. On the back of the ornament, they put their name on it and I chose one word to describe them. Then we hang them up so you can see some of the descriptions. My kids enjoy it, and after their assignments are done they get to listen to Christmas music. Letting them choose their favorite song to listen to helps them to get their work done.” 

Spanish teacher, Señor Swinning is very excited about Christmas and loves to decorate.

Señor says, “I decorated for Christmas because, in my opinion, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year. I am very excited for Christmas because, believe it or not, there is something spiritual to Santa.”

Lakeview High School also has a visitor named Theodore the Elf, also known as the Elf on the Shelf. The elf moves to a new spot around decorated areas throughout the school every morning.

Junior Lexi Garcia, said that she has “seen the elf in the Christmas tree and in some of the teacher’s classrooms.

Junior Ella Chadwick is very excited for Christmas as she and other CCP students decorate the whiteboards with many pictures and the countdown of days till Christmas.

Chadwick states that “Some areas in the school are very festive, while other areas need a bit of work. I tried spreading the joy by adding some Christmas spirit to the CCP lounge.

Garcia adds that, “Christmas time is my favorite time of the year, and it is so nice to see the school take part in the Christmas spirit.”

Junior Gianna Caruso says that her “favorite decoration in the school is the Big Christmas tree in the lobby because I think it looks very merry and bright.”

Sophomore Tyler Hovance says that “the school’s Christmas decorations look really great as they bring some excitement over to Lakeview.”