2022 Top Dog: Nicholas Basile


Hayden Rozzo, Reporter

Nicholas “Sal” Basile has been an active participant in the Lakeview community and is well-known by the student body for his school spirit and other activities.

When asked to give a quote about Sal, senior Landon Maderitz said, “Sal is the most chill and funniest guy I’ve ever met and I hope he never changes.”

Freshman year is scary for everyone coming into a new school, but the choices students make can have a great impact on how the rest of their high school career will unfold.

When Sal was asked what was something he would have done differently his response was, “I would not have pulled the fire alarm for sure. That was one of the biggest mistakes I could have made at the time, but I learned from my mistakes. It ended up being a really funny story though.”

Teachers can make or break school and every student has a favorite.

When we asked Sal which teacher had influenced him the most he said, Mrs. Bayne has influenced me the most in my High School career because she has such an amazing attitude that makes being in her class the best out of any other. She cares about her students and her actions and words inspire me to be a better person every day.

Sal’s Schools spirit is unmatched and when asked what traditional event he was the most excited for at the beginning of his final year of course he said, The football games because I absolutely love cheering on my Dogs!!”

Watching senior year come and go is scary.

Sal said, The hardest thing to do during the senior year is to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s a big decision and I have to take a lot of factors into consideration while I pick where I want to go and want to do.

Lakeview is a great school and has changed the lives of many people, Sal being one, so when he was asked how Lakeview changed him he said, Lakeview has changed me into a completely different person than I was before Lakeview. Before I came to Lakeview I was a quiet kid with not many friends to call my own at the time. However, when I moved to Lakeview back in 5th grade I started to meet people and make friendships with some of the best people I know today. Without Lakeview, I would not have any of the amazing friends or memories that I have been able to gain from my experience as a Lakeview Bulldog.”