2022 Top Dog: Kylie Imes


Ella Chadwick, Reporter

Senior Kylie Imes has been a Bulldog her whole life. Imes attended Lakeview Elementary School, Lakeview Middle School and is now at Lakeview High School. Imes has shown her abilities in the classroom and on the softball field. 

Imes has enjoyed going to events outside of school hours. Events such as football games and school dances were some of her favorites. Imes stated that this year she was most excited for “homecoming, because of covid last year we missed out.”

She really ended up enjoying her senior homecoming. It led to her creating one of her favorite memories with some of her classmates. Imes said one of her favorite memories was, “Going to Cedar Point after homecoming Senior Year.”

Imes has created so many friendships during her years at all the Lakeview schools. Imes has got to enjoy her senior year with one of her best friends Raegan Schick on and off the softball field.

Schick said “Kylie has been there for me since we met in elementary school and I’m so thankful that our friendship could stay so strong all throughout high school.”

Imes, a member of the softball team, has put in a lot of work that paid off.  She has signed to continue her academic and softball career at West Liberty University where she plans to major in sports management with a minor in business. 

She left the underclassmen with a little bit of advice. Imes said “Don’t take High School for granted. Get involved in as many sports and school activities as possible.”

Imes’ future is looking bright. Best of luck at West Liberty continuing your academic and softball career.